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One who embraces
the Dao has wholeness of character,
from wholeness of character come wholeness of the body,
and from wholeness of the body come wholeness of the soul.

Zhuang-zi, Chapter 12
trans Lin Yutang

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Nov. 16.2015 Tai Chi martial application workshop with Jack Yan
Nov.4.2015 Acupuncture & Alexander Technique found effective in reducing neck pain in randomized, controlled U.K. study
Sept.14.2015 New Beginners' Fundamentals class begins. Teaching the foundations for Internal Martial Arts
Aug.31.2015 Meta-analysis research finds herbal formula Shenqi Fuzheng increases efficacy and reduces side-effects of lung cancer radiation treatments
Aug.24.2015 Randomized controlled study compares acupuncture and Gabapentin in reducing menopausal hot flashes
Aug.19.2015 U.S. Clinical study finds acupuncture provides lasting decrease in blood pressure
July.21.2015 Animal research published in Endocrinology finds acupuncture reduces stress hormone production
June.26.2015 A systematic review find acupuncture more effective than placebo in treating dermatological conditions
June.06.2015 Bagua and Xingyi Seminar Learn the Internal martial arts of Bagua and XIngyi at this weekend seminar with Andrea Falk
Mar.30.2015 Research from Yale School of Medicine finds Huang Qin Tang formula enhances the anti-tumor activity of cancer drug Nexavar
April.25.2015 Chinese Medicine industry holds forum on Corporate Social Responsibility & Sustainability
April.07.2015 Stanford University research finds acupuncture reduces tonsillectomy pain
Feb.25.2015 Queensland University of Technology research finds extract from Lithospermum erythrorhizon (Zi Cao) reduces scar formation
Feb.22.2015 Mid-Winter Open House at 42 Quebec Street
Feb.1.2015 Chinese New Year Fundraiser for the David Suzuki Foundation
Jan.26.2015 Lab studies on electroacupuncture identify cartilage protective effect
Jan.20.2015 Lab research published in Science Journal finds extract from S. tetrandra (Han Fang Ji) effective against the Ebola virus
Jan.01.2015 Systematic review of over 2000 patients finds acupuncture helpful for allergic rhinitis
Jan.27.2015 New Zealand Lab research finds Butein (an antioxidant from Toxicodendron vernicifluum) improves glucose tolerance and brain insulin signaling
Oct.07.2014 Anti-viral properties of Lonica japonica published
Aug.17.2014 Kungfu Fundamentals: Tan Tui Workshop with Jack Yan
August.01.2014 Laboratory research on Salviae miltiorrhizae (danshen) and Carthami tinctorii (honghua) find neuroprotective effects
July.30.2014 University of Pennsylvania study evaluates the effect of electroacupuncture on fatigue, sleep, and psychological distress in breast cancer survivors
July.14.2014 Meta-analysis research finda acupuncture reduces severity and frequency of menopausal hot flashes
May.9.2014 Preliminary research find acupuncture reduces pain and anxiety during endoscopy
May.4.2014 Tai Chi Sunday Seminar: Alignment and Tai Chi
Apr.26.2014 small-scale randomized study finds electro-acupuncture helpful in the treatment of Parkinson's
Apr.14.2014 A multicentre, open label, randomized controlled trial finds Chinese herb Triprterygium wilfordii (Lei Gong Teng) as effective as methotrexate in the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis
Feb.28.2014 Lab studies on Electroacupuncture find improvements in cardiac function and recovery in Chronic Heart Failure
Feb.23.2014 Lab research at Rutgers University investigates acupuncture's role in mediating immune system response
Feb.22.2014 Secrets of Effective Acupuncture: Fatigue, Exhaustion & Burn-out professional development course
Feb.11.2014 Lab studies investigate extract from Huang Bai (Phellodendron amurense) in the treatment of pancreatic cancer
Feb.01.2014 Chinese Year of the Horse Fundraiser for the David Suzuki Foundation [updated]
Feb.1&2.2014 Bagua and Xingyi Seminars with Andrea Falk
Jan.20.2014 Extract of Scutellaria bicalensis found to have protective effect on gums and teeth.
Jan.02.2014 University of California researchers find Corydalis yanhusuo extract to have non-addictive, analgesic effect on inflammatory and neuropathic pain
Dec.30.2013 Phase contrast CT imaging research finds increased microvasculature at acupuncture point locations
Nov.27.2013 Herbal formula Buyang Huanwu's mechanism for treating stroke investigated in lab research
Oct.28.2013 Randomized controlled study measures acupuncture's effect on joint pain in breast cancer patients taking aromatase inhibitors.
Sept.24.2013 Randomized controlled study evaluates acupuncture and counselling as adjunct therapies for depression
Sept.21.2013 Secrets of Effective Acupuncture: Menopause and Aging professional development course
Aug.29.2013 Lab research on electro acupuncture documents anti-tumor & anti-metastatic effects in treating osteosarcoma tumor growth
Aug.18.2013 Lab research finds the herbal formula Sang Qi reduces cardial fibrosis induced by hypertension in rats
Sept.09.2013 Free trial class Intentional Fitness !
Aug.01.2013 Prospective, observational study finds acupuncture reduces hot flashes in women receiving anti-estrogen therapy
July.03.2013 UK - China joint research investigates the antitumor effects of the herbal formula Yangzheng Xiaoji.
June.12.2013 Laboratory study of Chinese herbal formula Ji Sui Kang investigates its use in spinal cord injuries
June.05.2013 An observational study of 23 lung cancer patients, the finds acupuncture provided improvements in pain, nausea, anxiety and well-being
June.01.2013 Inflammatory Bowel Disease research finds electro-acupuncture has anti-inflammatory and symptom reduction effects in rats
May.31.2013 Controlled fMRI study confirms acupoint's ability to regulate vision
May.31.2013 Lab research finds electro-acupuncture improves hyperglycemia in rats
Apr.20.2013 Acupuncture Seminar: Acupuncture for Burn-out, Fatigue and Exhaustion
Apr.12.2013 Randomized, controlled study evaluates acupuncture effectiveness in treating Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia
Mar.12.2013 Randomized, controlled study examines acupuncture's hormone regulation in women with PCOS
Mar.01.2013 Chinese Year of the Snake Fundraiser for the David Suzuki Foundation
Feb.27.2013 Australian - Chinese study finds Chinese herbal formula plus Glibenclamide significantly reduces hypoglycemia risk in type 2 diabetes patients
Feb.14.2013 Study assesses moxibustion treatment for chronic fatigue, measures antioxidant effect
Feb.02&03.2013 Weekend seminars in Bagua, Xingyi and Chinese Spear with Andrea Falk
Jan.20.2013 Introductory workshop on Qi Gong and Ba Gua
Jan.14.2013 Classes for the winter session of Qi Gong, Tai Chi, Ba Gua and Xing Yi begin
Jan.13.2013 Introductory workshop on Tai Chi and Xingyi
Nov.24.2012 Acupuncture for Fertility Seminar for health professionals
Oct.29.2012. British study published in the Journal of Clinical Oncology finds acupuncture helps with cancer related fatigue
Sept.10.2012 Systematic review of over 17000 patients finds acupuncture effective in treating chronic pain
Oct.24.2012. Largest trial to date on treating radiotherapy induced dry mouth with acupuncture finds treatment beneficial
Sept.10.2012 Systematic review of over 17000 patients finds acupuncture effective in treating chronic pain
Sept.03.2012 Functional MRI investigates acupunctures potential to treat Parkinson's disease.
Aug.20.2012 Researchers evaluate cost savings of acupuncture as replacement for knee surgery
Aug.13.2012 An extract from the Chinese herb, Tripterygium wilfordii - lei gong teng studied by UK researchers in the treatment of prostate cancer.
June.20.2012 Randomized controlled study finds Tai Chi increases brain size and improves memory
June.9&10.2012 Bagua: Cultivating Deep Skill workshop
June.9.2012 Chinese Sabre Fundamentals workshop
June.9.2012 Chinese Spear Fundamentals workshop
May.16.2012 Randomized study finds acupuncture helpful in treating symptoms of COPD.
Apr.15.2012 Systematic review of 96 published studies finds acupuncture and Chinese herbs effective in treating obesity
Apr.09.2012 Researchers map acupuncture's effect on different regions of the brain
Apr.03.2012 Wall Street Journal covers cancer research on Huang Qin Tang. (see May.11.2011 below)
Mar.30.2015 Research from Yale School of Medicine finds Huang Qin Tang formula enhances the anti-tumor activity of cancer drug Nexavar
Mar.21.2012 UK Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists reviews Chinese Medicine for Chronie Pelvic Pain
Mar.07.2012 Spring Qigong session begins
Feb.09.2012 Randomized, controlled study finds Tai Chi improves balance, stability in Parkinson's patients
Jan.2829.2012 Ma Gui Ba Gua Seminar Learn Bagua, the martial art of the royal bodyguards of the Qing dynasty at this weekend seminar with Andrea Falk
Jan.28.2012 Fundamentals of Chinese Spear Learn Chinese Spear the king of long weapons at this seminar with Andrea Falk.
Jan.24.2012 Chinese Acute Promyelocytic Leukemia researchers win National Foundation for Cancer Research award.
Jan.23.2012 Chinese Year of the Dragon Fundraiser for the David Suzuki Foundation
Jan.11.2012 Tai Chi, Qi Gong & Beyond free open house with presentations, classes and demonstrations
Jan.16.2012 New York Times publishes article on the history of artemisinin
Jan.09.2012 CMAJ published study looks at acupuncture's effects on migraine management
Dec.05.2011 Pilot study finds acupuncture reduces chemo-induced nerve pain
Nov.11.2011 Systematic Review published by the American Academy of Pediatrics finds acupuncture safe when performed by trained practitioners
Nov.10.2011 NBA athletes reported receiving treatments at Shaolin Temple
Oct.10.2011 University of York to study acupuncture and Alexander Technique treatment for chronic neck pain.
Systematic review on Chinese Medicine and infertility finds 3.5 greater likeihood of conception compared to Western Medical treatments

James Saper R.TCM.P. has a Traditional Chinese Medicine clinic in Guelph, Ontario offering acupuncture, Chinese herbs, tui na massage treatments and instruction in Qi Gong (Chi Kung), Taiji (Tai Chi), Xingyi and Bagua.

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